Re: MS Word template - toolbar customization

Subject: Re: MS Word template - toolbar customization
From: Roy Anderson <royanderson -at- MINDSPRING -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 14:20:27 -0400

Adam Newton wrote:
> Hello all, I'm building a Word template for our company, and I'm =
> providing a custom toolbar as part of the template. I'd like to give =
> people speedy access to some important doc resources via the toolbar, =
> though some of the resources are not native Word docs. I currently have =
> a button on the toolbar that launches the company style guide (in Word), =
> but there are are other doc resources I'd like to make available, too. =
> For instance, we have a copy of the compiled Help version of the MS =
> Manual of Style for Technical Publications, and I'd like to provide a =
> button on the toolbar that will launch the .CHM. I guess I'd basically =
> like to create a macro that would open the .CHM. Can anybody lend a hand =
> and/or deliver some code?
> I just changed emails, and I've only just subscribed again to the list =
> digest, so I'd appreciate direct email if at possible. Thanks very much =
> for any help you can provide.
> Adam Newton
> Instructional Analyst/Documentation Specialist
> Collegis Learning Network Services
> Morrisville, NC
> anewton -at- collegis -dot- com

I'm using Word 7 on a Win95 OSR2 platform so things may differ. I added a
button to my normal template to link macros. It's a multi-step process.
I'll use your situation.

Tool > Macro > New > StyleGuide

Shell "WinHelp C:\MS Style Guide\Style1.hlp" (Your path may differ.)
End Sub

Save macro as StyleGuide.

Next, Tools > Customize > Menus > Menu Bar

Enter a new name such as "&Style". (This eats precious menu bar real
estate so be concise.) Click Add button and close panel. Now, you have
a new MS Word menu bar button on right side labeled "Style". Congrats!

You'll return to the Menus panel. You'll see two panes.
Under categories (Left pane) select Macros
Under Macros (right pane) select StyleGuide

Now, the the above fields highlighted, complete the fields
in the lower part of Menus panel:

Change what Menu: &Style
Position on Menu: (Auto)
Name on Menu: MS Style Guide

This is how you can actually set it all up. I actually prefer another
approach. I added a "&Custom" menu bar entry instead of "&Style" as
shown above. This way, I add my own custom menu entries such as style
guides (and other macros) under it. This saves menu bar real estate and
puts all my tools under one button. You can use the "Position on Menu"
field above to change the location of "&Custom" menu entries. In your
case, you might want to add a cutom button such as "&CLNS" so that
everyone would know where to find your firm's special Word macros.

Use Tools > Customize > Keyboard to add shortcut keys for your new custom
entries. Let's assume you want to add a shortcut key for MS Style Guide.

Tools > Customize > Keyboard

Under categories (Left pane) select Macros.
Under Macros (right pane) select StyleGuide
Enter new key combo in Press New Shortcut Key box.
Let's assume Alt+Ctl+Shift+S. Click Assign button.

Now, you have a new macro, a new menu bar button, and a new key combo.
All of you can run the new macro from the menu bar or by keying the
shortcut keys.

Good luck.


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