Advice Requested: "What part of this is yours?"

Subject: Advice Requested: "What part of this is yours?"
From: Jl Cc <jccwriter -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 11:14:55 -0700

(As I move slowly out of Digest lurking mode....)

First, I appreciate the wealth of knowledge expressed on this list. I
learn much from this fount of collective wisdom. I really mean this!
I'm not trying to polish the apple. I need your advice.

I met with my consulting agency's Account Manager (AM) recently. I'm
making a career change into TW. I showed the AM an Employee Handbook
(EH)I had produced in 1992. (I was in charge of at least five revisions
of the Handbook.)

I explained to her that my manager, the Senior VP of Human Resources,
had brought in an EH from her previous company. She then turned the EH
project over to me.

My responsibilities included editing and rewriting the EH to fit our
much smaller organization. I collaborated with our Legal Dept. to
ensure we were safe from future litigation. I consolidated several
pages of loose Benefits handouts into the EH. I created camera-ready
illustrations according to the printer's guidelines. This EH was my
baby. My manager reviewed it only when I was ready to send it out for
final print, and would either bless or change a paragraph here or

The above is basically what I said to my consulting agency's AM. She
looked at the EH, fingered through a couple of pages, and then asked:

"Well, what part of it is yours?"

My jaw dropped. I repeated what I've stated above, and she still asked
"What part of it is yours?".

This has lead me to think that I need to improve my response to this
question. Therefore, I come to you all for advice.

How would you all respond to that question? How can I improve my
response should I hear that question again in the TW interview process?
Please reply to my email address, and I will post a summary to the list
if the interest is there.

Thank you from the bottom of my confused and somewhat hurt heart.

jccwriter -at- yahoo -dot- com
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