Ami Pro 3.1 - SOLUTION to generating ToC and Index

Subject: Ami Pro 3.1 - SOLUTION to generating ToC and Index
From: "Mullowney, Jeff" <JMullow -at- OBIWAN -dot- INTECOM -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 08:31:26 -0500


Last week I posted a request for help in dealing with problems
generating a Table of Contents and Index for a 400-page manual
using Ami Pro 3.1. (Any ToC/Index tags inside table cells would
not create entries in the ToC or Index when generated.) No one was
able to help me (I did get two expressions of sympathy, however).

Talking with a co-worker provided the solution: use Word Pro. The
Ami Pro documents can be opened in Word Pro and a complete ToC and
Index generated. AND the Word Pro document can be saved as a Frame-
Maker document, although not all the ToC/Index tags come through (but
it's a start, and it gets me away from Ami Pro).

The problem in Word Pro is that when the ToC is generated, WordPro
starts it as page 1, and everything else is bumped. I need to see
if manually resetting the page number at the beginning file of the
document before generating the ToC solves this. If not, I'll live
with it.

Alternatively (if you have the time), the procedure titles can be
moved outside of the table body. This way, the ToC/Index can be
generated in Ami Pro.

I know I'm the only one facing this right now. But I posting this
in case someone else in the future has the misfortune of having to
deal with this problem. Hopefully, they'll find this in the archives.

-Jeff Mullowney
Senior Technical Writer
Intecom Inc.

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