Re: Software for Documentation?

Subject: Re: Software for Documentation?
From: Peter Martin <peterm -at- FOXBORO -dot- COM -dot- AU>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 10:27:10 +1000

At 15:55 7/05/99 -0400, Christine Pellar-Kosbar wrote:
>We're looking for a software package that does the following:
>1. Imports and exports quality HTML (not like MS Word)
>2. Handles conditional text
>3. Handles basic graphics and tables
>4. Can be used on a Windows-based machine or a UNIX box
>5. Imports and exports Word files
>Currently, all our documentation is on the Web in HTML format. We'd like to
>produce it in both HTML and PDF. Ideally, we would like to find an
alternative to
>Powerpoint for creating our training in HTML.
>Are we dreaming here? Is anyone out there creating documentation in HTML
and PDF?
>How do you do it? How do you maintain the files if you use two different
Can't remember using conditional text in it, but apart
from that, you should consider Star Office, v 5.0.

It reads Word better than Word does in some instances,
also MIF. Runs on both Windows and UNIX, and has an
advantage over Frame: there is a version for Linux.
(Anyone listening in Adobe yet ? ORACLE did it, why
can't you ? )

Star Office is a suite of programs, and will read and write HTML
PowerPoint, Excel etc as well as Word. It includes a vector
graphics editor, etc

Cheaper than Frame. And MS Office.
Has been a bit short on documentation in English
(it's of German origin), but latest release has a couple of
manuals if you buy the CD pack as a pro user rather than
downloading the HUGE publicly-available files.

Worth checking out. Particularly if you find a free OS
like Linux is worth much more than what you pay for it.

I bought my Linux version, and am finding increasing uses
for it. Have tried the Windows one, and now about to buy
that, too.

Peter Martin, Contract Tech. Writer peterm -at- foxboro -dot- com -dot- au
+61 2 9818 5094 (home) 0408 249 113 (mobile) peterm -at- zeta -dot- org -dot- au

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