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Subject: Re: creating/editing graphics
From: Virginia_Day -at- DATACARD -dot- COM
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 11:34:38 -0500


Photoshop provides much better quality than PaintShop Pro, IMHO. I use both, but
for different reasons. PaintShop Pro does good screen captures, and allows some
editing. However, it's not intuitive and its import and export filters
frequently do not meet my needs. Also, most of what I do (copy and paste titles
of captured screens, for example) requires complicated procedures to deal with
surprising features (white is actually "clear" and will show what its pasted
over). Photoshop allows resizing/cropping without needing to create a new file,
easy editing of details, color adjustment, and a wealth of "effects". I have
never had it reject a file I wanted to import or give me bad results on a

However, I wouldn't use either of them to create original art. Illustrator is
designed to create original art. I don't know about the learning curve. I use
Micrografx Designer (company's choice) for original art and export bitmaps when
that's what I need. If you're planning on re-using basic images at different
sizes or with slight variations, a drawing program (Illustrator, CorelDRAW,
Designer) will save you time in the long run.

HTH, Virginia

Mary Choy <mchoy -at- SIRIUS -dot- COM> on 05/10/99 11:03:37 AM

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Subject: Re: creating/editing graphics

I use Paint Shop Pro -- it's sort of like a high-end Paint, but a low-end
Photoshop. Easy to learn, and a free evaluation copy is available via download-

> I am going to be doing some creating/editing of bitmaps for our software,
> letterhead, manuals, etc. I know Adobe offers several different products
> but am confused on which product would best serve me. Any suggestions?
> Brant

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