Re: What to do in slack times?

Subject: Re: What to do in slack times?
From: Eric Ray <ejr -at- RAYCOMM -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 09:30:18 -0600

At 11:52 PM 5/13/99 -0500, write -at- FREEWWWEB -dot- COM wrote:
>I will add one more significant thing however, if you do go as far to
>format your drive, of course BACKUP, but then RE-PARTITION! How fast can
>you find your reference book on a shelf of 10 books? Okay, now how fast at
>Barnes & Nobles? Repeat 20 times a day with a different book. So it is with
>your hard disk--the larger the partition, the harder the drive works for
>every transaction it performs. If you want to improve performance, and
>have the time to do it, this is a great measure to accomplish--my
>recommendation: no bigger than 1 gig partitions, put you frequent docs
>someplace other than C:, and DEFRAG often.
>I would be happy to assist (for a fee) anyone who may be a bit shy on
>technical knowledge required to accomplish this successfully.

All valid points. (But I'd expand that to keeping your valuable
docs on a different physical drive so you're never in a position
where you cannot boot your computer AND your valuable docs
are on the bad drive. With two physical drives, you can
almost always recover from problems without data loss or
significant downtime.)

However, to accomplish the same at no cost, search the Web for
instructions or ask friends, colleagues, or me in a pinch
for pointers--this is a simple enough process
that you need not pay for it. (And it's good stuff to know.)


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