Units of Scroll Revisited

Subject: Units of Scroll Revisited
From: Kathy Ellis <kathy -at- TIBINC -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 08:37:21 -0700

Sorry for all of the confusion about my question...I'll try again...

If you are using any Windows app with a scroll bar, you can click the gray
area (I know that you're not supposed to call it that) and it moves almost
half a page. If you click the scroll arrow, you move approximately one line.

The app that I'm documenting does not have scroll bars, but the programmer
has used that unit of measure for commands to move a map on the screen. (He
does not know what the unit of measurement is, unfortunately.) If you type
the MA,PA,U command it moves the map the same unit of measure as if you had
clicked the scroll arrow (almost one line of text). Now, I can't say that
you have just moved one line of text because you have a map in front of you
rather than a page of words. Also, we aren't just talking about moving up
and down, but we can move these distances to the left or right. (Actually,
we move North, South, Southwest, etc.)

Since these movements are standard throughout Microsoft's apps, there must
be some information somewhere specifying the exact measure of screen
movement. Pixels, maybe?

And while you're at it...can God make a rock that is too heavy for Him to

Thanks and happy Friday!!!

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