Re: documenting "features"

Subject: Re: documenting "features"
From: George Hinman <techwriter -at- MY-DEJANEWS -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 10:08:04 -0700

All software is at least somewhat quirky, why should yours be any different. Any bookkeeper or accountant is probably familiar with using the num lock key to enter data from the keypad.
I would simply include a reminder/warning that you must unset num lock when using hotkeys, and leave it at that. The real hotkey addicts will catch on soon enough.
I know it doesn't sound real user friendly, but num lock enabled keypad entry is a pretty standard feature.

Hope this helps,

George L. Hinman
Techwriter -at- my-dejanews -dot- com

On Mon, 17 May 1999 11:01:08 Kathryn Northcut wrote:
>Here's the situation: Software documentation. Purpose: data entry for
>various purposes. Problem: they have to have NumLock on to use the
>keypad to enter numbers into the fields, BUT with NumLock on, the
>keyboard shortcuts for access to the menus are disabled (i.e., the ALT
>key doesn't work).
>In the documents I inherited, users were pushed to use the keyboard
>because it's faster than the mouse (I know, that's debatable, but not the
>point). Fact is, there are LOTS of menu options and almost all of them
>comes with a shortcut/accelerator sequence.
>I must document this **feature** now, telling users to toggle NumLock off
>and on if they want to use both they keyboard shortcuts to menus AND
>the keypad for numeric entries. I am documentationally disabled because
>I have no user profiles, but my own use of the programs tells me that
>they keypad and menus are just about equally important, so I can't just
>disregard one or the other.
>Does this strike anyone else as a little strange or cumbersome? It's a
>slow day and I could use brilliant ideas and/or moral support.
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