indexing for web

Subject: indexing for web
From: "Jessica N. Lange" <jlange -at- OEE -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 13:33:14 -0400

Because I had the time, and I wanted to learn about it, I've been
busy putting a just-released Users Guide into html, for eventual
access from our corporate intranet only--intended audience:
cust support, trainers, & sw developers. Now I face the task
of indexing this beast.

The Question: has anyone figured out a relatively easy
way to do this? Or a somewhat less painful way? Anyone
developed an efficient workflow for indexing?

It is SO annoying that the index entries I've painstakingly
entered into the original Word documents all VANISH when
saved as HTML.

Unfortunately, MS HTMLHelp's indexing will not work: this is a
multi-platform/OS/browser environment

Notes, if it matters:
o Guide created in MS Word97, one Word file for each of 8 chapters.
o In Word, saved as HTML.
o Used Dreamweaver 2.0 to break into web-size chunks, clean up, re-format.

Also: I've looked at HTML Indexer, but (a) I won't get approval
for the cost until after year-end, if then; and (b) this indexing
task will happen too seldom to justify getting it. Sigh.

TIA for any advice, hints, tips, or war stories.

Jessica N. Lange mailto:jlange -at- oee -dot- com
Technical Communicator, Ohio Electronic Engravers, Inc.

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