Re: Guide name quandary...nay...quagmire

Subject: Re: Guide name quandary...nay...quagmire
From: Wil Gaffga <wil -at- GIBBSCAM -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 10:32:59 -0700

I completely agree. My arguments are broken down below:

1) "Users Guide" does not seem appropriate because it assume each doc will
be used by multiple individuals. Typically, each seat of software has one
set of documentation. 1 per user. Additionally, it tends to be really hard
for multiple people to read/use the same document at the same time.

2) "User's Guide" would be correct because it is a guide to be used by one
person. My preferred approach.

3) "Users' Guide" While the possessive would be more accurate than "Users"
if the manual is to reside on/in someone's desk, my objection remains the
same as #1.

4) "User Guide" could be perfectly valid. It is a guide for a user. No
possession, no plural use, just a statement. While not as "elegant" as
User's Guide, it is more appropriate than a plural variation.

Besides, If Apple and Adobe use them, they gotta be perfect. (Sorry, bad
habit, that Apple stuff.)

Just My thoughts,

wil -at- gibbsCAM -dot- com

> -----Original Message-----
> In looking through my boxes of software manuals, the most common usage I
> found was "User's Guide." Apple and Claris manuals use this form and
> it's what I prefer. I found one each from Adobe and UMAX named "User
> Guide" ("User Manual" seems to be fairly common also). I don't have any
> named "Users Guide" or "Users' Guide."

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