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Subject: Re: deadline question
From: Donna Horowitz <dhorowitz -at- HICKOK-INC -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 10:51:36 -0400

** Confidential **

That is probably the ultimate question in one's writing career. Perhaps we need a procedure. Who better to do the job . . . Here's what I do.

1. I thank the powers that be for indulging me with a career that fulfills my need for unending challenge.

2. I stir my creative juices.

3. I ponder the meaning of life.

Here are a couple thoughts off the top of my head.

Try to find out whether the rest of the project is on schedule; often the information to us is late because of glitches in software or hardware or parts that had to be changed at the last minute--whatever. If the rest of the project cannot ship on the original date, your part of it won't, either. Sometimes "they" forget to tell you. You have to keep asking questions because everyone gets caught up in their part of the project. Often when the engineers here discover a problem, they're so intent on that part of the job they forget to tell me the entire project will be delayed a month.

Do not assume that information will come to you if it is available. You must always be involved to know where the project is at all times. It is no one's job but your/our own to get up-to-date information that involves documentation. If it shifts back and no one tells you, it's because you didn't ask. If you ask and they lie to you, then, of course, you have a different problem.

When you have to get it out no matter what, it's like anything other job: prioritize first, decide what information and how detailed it can be given the short time you have, and then work hard and fast. Know thineself: if you get reckless when you push, concentrate on being extra careful. Also, avoid wasting time thinking "how am I gonna get this done"; as Nike says, "Just do it." Efficiency is key.

hectic but free
no other way to be
life is rich when you
pursue what you love

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