Re: PDF questions -- file too large for web viewing

Subject: Re: PDF questions -- file too large for web viewing
From: Mark Dempsey <mark -dot- dempsey -at- OSI -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 09:35:43 -0700

Jessica's problem is fairly common if you don't optimize the pdf. I've
never seen the steps below recommended prominently in the Acrobat docs,
but if you don't optimize, browsers using plug-ins to read pdf barf when
receiving them. Here's how to do it (and more!):

1. Select File | Document Info | General, and fill in at least the title
of the manual.

2. Select File | Document Info | Open, and decide whether you want the
file to open with or without bookmarks. Click the appropriate check box.

3. In the same menu dialog, click on "Resize Window to Initial Page" and
"Center Window On Screen."

4. Now, Save As..., making sure the Optimize box in the save dialog is
checked. If you save as the same file name, you'll be asked to confirm.

When you're through, this does two things: a) The document title (not
the filename) now appears in the Acrobat title bar. b) As an optimized
document, browsers have an easier time opening the file using a plug-in.

Good luck,

Jessica N. Lange wrote:
> I have a short manual I want to make available to internal personnel, in PDF
> format, from our internet.
> So I took the 8 chapters, converted them to PDF, then merged them into a
> single pdf document, and made the bookmarks for the TOC. I created a link on
> a web page.
> Well, the file is too large (nearly 4meg). It doesn't appear in the web
> browser on either of the computers I tried. (No error message: just nothing
> appears. Then when you close the browser, the Reader item on the task bar
> doesn't close. When you then right-click to exit the Reader item, an error
> message for acro.exe (I think) appears.)
> Notes: when downloaded to a machine, the pdf file opens in Reader just fine.
> The problem appears to be downloading over the intranet. No, I can't use
> byte-serving (server doesn't support it). Also, I've done this same thing
> for other, much shorter (6 pages max) documents, and *that* works just fine.
> Questions:
> I could split the large file into smaller files (by chapter), but how do I
> have one TOC for all files that remains visible no matter which chapter
> you're in? Can that even be done?
> I could give the user the option of downloading the pdf file to their local
> hard drive--rather than opening in browser. But I don't know how to do that
> with an <a href> tag. FTP is not an option. Does anyone know how to do http
> downloads?
> Oh, Acrobat Exchange 3.0, if it matters
> thanks in advance for any advice
> Jessica
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