The Microsoft Dominion

Subject: The Microsoft Dominion
From: Melissa Morgan <mmorgan -at- INTREPID -dot- CDG-HARGRAY -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 07:51:55 -0500

I agree with all of the points that Tom Huffman made in
regard to MS, and would like to add my analogy. I liken
the present situation to the advent of WalMart. While
Sam might have wanted to do the world some good by
making things more affordable, his stores have caused
many mom-and-pop joints to fold. This does not mean
that Sam was born Son of Satan, but neither does it
mean that I have to automatically support the big guy.

If I am looking for some software with a particular
functionality, I will frankly try to check out all of the little
guys first, then I will check out MS. If the MS product is
far beyond the others in functionality, I'll go with MS.
However, if they are close, I will go with the software
produced by the little guy/gal. Yeah, it means I have to put
in more effort and do more searching, but it really comes
down to the principle of the matter---if we all did a little
more searching instead of going with the most convenient,
most known product, MS might not have become the
empire it is today.

But...bigger, better, faster, and NOW
seems to be the dominant mindset, and is so deeply
rooted in this culture that to break it we would have to
conquer more than our tendencies in software selection...
(sorry for getting a bit philosophical). Long live the
mom-and-pops of the world, and may the best one win.
And if that be MS, so be it.

Melissa Morgan
mmorgan -at- intrepid -dot- cdg-hargray -dot- com


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