Left page or right page...a sorta new twist on an old thread...

Subject: Left page or right page...a sorta new twist on an old thread...
From: "Johnson, Dick D" <Dick -dot- Johnson2db8ef -at- PSS -dot- BOEING -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 09:48:21 -0700

Regarding the seemingly endless thread about on starting new chapters/sections on the odd numbered page (right hand side), I thought I'd offer this as help to everybody because it has worked for me the past thirty years. Let's look at what has been accomplished so far:

* No one seems to be aware of any rule requiring new chapters to start on the left or right.
* Many are of the opinion all chapters should start on the right.
* Some are of the opinion chapters can start on either side.
* Several examples have been offered to support each position.
* Many know the origin (it is believed) of this perplexing dilemma, and question its applicability today.
* Presuming all contributors to this thread to be technical writers gainfully employed as a direct employees or contractors, they write to satisfy customers.
* Every experienced technical writer must be aware of the problems of pagination when DTPing, blank pages being yanked by print shops, alleged problems with any given software tool, etc.
* And other reasons for posting to this thread...

Is there a solution? Perhaps. Please read on...

Ask your customer!

It works for me and I don't alienate my customer for two reasons: 1) He/she feels good about being consulted and it provides all with the opportunity to review company policies, if they exist, and 2) My customer doesn't have to tell me to stop wasting my time by reading/writing to a thread perpetuating an unresolvable (and subjective) problem. I might add this works for other questions, like how many spaces after a period, how far to indent outlines, font sizes, and why can I only go to the bathroom the second Tuesday of each week?!

Oh yes, my customer requires starting sections/chapters on the right side and labeling all blank pages "This page is intentionally left blank." Quite frankly, it doesn't matter to me because it does not violate any known rules of writing, grammar, or whatever that I know, I leave my ego at the Ego Check Stand on my way in each morning AND I continue to get paid very well for doing it the customer's way.

Peace, smiles and hugs.

Dick Johnson
Richard D. Johnson Jr. (Dick)
Tech Writer, Software Documentation
425-234-7727, MS 6C-LU

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