Re: The Interview from Hell!

Subject: Re: The Interview from Hell!
From: Beth Agnew <BAgnew -at- INSYSTEMS -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 10:58:40 -0400

I know that getting a TnT letter from an employer is frustrating, especially
when one meets all of the requirements for the job, but hiring isn't just a
matter of finding a candidate who can "check off all the boxes".
Increasingly, finding the best candidate is a matter of corporate fit. Will
that person be a corporate asset and fit into the corporate culture?

Interviewers must not only assess the applicant's qualifications but try to
get a feel for whether the person can be added to existing teams with the
least disruption, work with the employees, withstand the stresses of their
particular development environment, and so on.

Sure, it's a subjective measure, but experienced managers have the people
skills to be able to make that assessment. Plus, they know their company and
the teams they are trying to augment.

Making the wrong choice is very costly; if someone becomes an administrative
or "management" problem, it doesn't matter how closely their skills matched
the job description. The only way to avoid that is to take much greater care
in the hiring process.


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Ivan Gelicall <ivan_gelicall -at- HOTBOT -dot- COM> wrote about
the "interview from hell!" -- his tale is even worse
than responding to an ad line-by-line and meeting ALL
the requirements & then some, then, a month or so
later, seeing the ad re-appear and, a week after that,
getting a TnT* saying the responder fails to meet the
reqs. The market must be swinging to the buyer's
(employer's) side ... or perhaps that what the buyers
want the sellers (us) to think. S'ok; my dance card's
*TnT: Thanks (but) no Thanks

Katav ( katav -at- yahoo -dot- com )

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