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Subject: Re: The Interview from Hell!
From: "Moore, Tracey" <TMoore -at- PARKERVISION -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 07:53:20 -0400

I definitely don't think the market's swinging to the buyer's side. You
may have a point with the second comment. :)

To add to this story, I once had an interview with a real tough cookie.
During the interview I showed her my samples, even brought some help
files on a disk. We talked about Information Mapping and other tech
writing things, then all of sudden she looks me square in the eye and
says "so if I give you a laptop and a keyboard, are you gonna be able to
plug the thing in and use it?" My response: Huh? What's a laptop? (just

So the interview came and went. Then nothing. No phone call, no letter,
nothing. Well, I hate that. I sent the customary thank you letter.
Nothing. I called her a week later. Nothing. Then I faxed her my
references. Nothing. So I got irritated. I took to faxing her letters of
reference every day for a week, leaving voice mails three times a day,
basically trying to force her to acknowledge my existence. Never
happened so I gave up.

Funny thing is, three months later, a recruiter called me. He started
describing the job, and I said "this wouldn't happen to be the job at
XYZ, would it?" He said "Yes." Seems they had never filled the position,
and the recruiter admitted that he was having a hard time finding
someone. They wanted too much for too little (money), no one was willing
to take the job.

When I see stories like Ivan's, I think of that interview. I don't think
it's a buyer's market, it's just that some buyers don't get it. It's
best to steer clear of those buyers.

Have a great day!

<<The market must be swinging to the buyer's
(employer's) side ... or perhaps that what the buyers
want the sellers (us) to think.>>

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