Re: Documentation Theory?

Subject: Re: Documentation Theory?
From: Jan Bishop <JBishop -at- HACH -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 09:44:42 -0600


It comes from a section of educational psychology called "Neurolinguistic
Programming" (that should be enough to end any further interest! <G>)

Teachers in K-12 and college have been subjected to it for a decade or so.
TELL the auditory learner, SHOW the visual learner, and MOVE the kinesthetic
learner (do something hands on.

In a way, it is a reaction to the typical college lecture of old: TALK<

I would think a manual with paragraphs, illustrations, and tutorials would
come close to the goal.

J. Bishop

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Now that I have had time to digest what happened I want to ask, has anyone
heard of this theory of documentation? That is, people (the audience) fall
into Three categories: Kinesthetic,Auditory, and Visual and documentation
should be geared towards these concepts NOT the product.

Have I been in a cave, is this the new way of
doing things?


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