Re: Interviews from Hell

Subject: Re: Interviews from Hell
From: Wally Glassett <wallyg1 -at- PACBELL -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 10:12:50 -0700

OK, I'll bite...

IMO, there is just one thing wrong with continuing to interview after you've
already chosen your candidate. This assumes, of course, that your chosen
candidate will accept your offer, or already has. The problem is that all
the interviewers are being paid while the interviewee is not. If the
interviewee is a contractor (like me) they get nothing for their time and
effort. If they are already employed elsewhere (as staff), then they either
get nothing, are using up vacation time, or are being deceptive with their
current employer in some way.

Interviewing companies should compensate interviewees with an hourly rate
set at the average for the pay range of the job. Plus travel expenses, which
sometimes does happen.

Now, I realize this is NEVER going to happen, but that's the way it should
be, IMO.

As far as information exchange goes, that is a two-way street and everyone
benefits since it is a form, albeit odd, of networking.

JMO. Nothing more.

Wally Glassett
Tech Doc-It, Inc.
wallyg1 -at- pacbell -dot- net

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