Re: thanks yous and interviews from hell

Subject: Re: thanks yous and interviews from hell
From: Sella Rush <sellar -at- APPTECHSYS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 12:30:33 -0700

What's struck me about this entire thread--all the job/hiring threads--is
the stories about people who base their decisions on a single factor. Like
thank you notes, the way someone uses commas in their resume, their choice
of shoes for the interview.

I would find this kind of dogmatism hard to believe, except that I've met
one or two in my time. I worked with one (senior) writer who insisted on
using contractions in his documentation because he felt it made the prose
more friendly, more like the way people talk. Fine, I've got no problem
conforming to his style (I was a contractor). But when he stated any other
way than his was wrong and used the point as a measure of writing ability,
that's when I slapped the extremist label on him.

It *is* possible to choose a way of doing things while still respecting
other people's decisions to do things differently.

Sella Rush
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>> >I cannot believe that someone would go through an
>> interview that costs
>> BOTH of you several valuable hours of your day, you
>> make a good impression,
>> you have the skill set, the experience, and the
>> approach methodology, and
>> they are sitting there thinking to themselves...
>> "Gee, we really think he
>> will be an asset to our organization, but saying
>> thank you and shaking our
>> hands on the way just isn't enough. We'll wait until
>> we get a note from him
>> and if we don't we're just going to have to settle
>> for the looser that was
>> in after him who did send us that note."

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