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Subject: Re: Doc-Management Systems
From: "Mark F." <markf -at- MERGE -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 16:31:23 -0500

Henry Vandelinde: "Is anyone here involved in something like [selecting a
doc-management system]?"

Krista Kostuch: "Does anyone have any experience/feedback using Domino.doc
as a documentation management system?"

We've been looking into a doc. management system for over 9 months now
(bureacracy, anyone?). Eric Ray: Hang in there; I'll send you a summary at
my earliest convenience. Following is a condensed version of too much
research. I represent none of the products mentioned herein. Keep in mind
that like the Mac vs. PC debate, no single system is all things to all

Our sys. admin refuses to consider any doc. management system that uses or
requires Lotus Domino Web-server software (simply put, it extends Notes to
the Web). In general, our sys. admin. has come to realize variously that
Notes requires extensive attention (a.k.a., hire another full-time IS
person if you're going to run a Domino/Notes-based system).

Office Control Web by SystemCorp is one such system requiring a Domino Web
server. I suspect Domino.doc also requires Lotus Domino Web-server

Other systems, such as Intra.doc (specifically designed for doc. management
and workflow management) by IntraNet Solutions (, are
more flexible and accommodate a broader range of Web-server software. Many
systems also offer full-text and other hardcore search functions to help
eliminate stress in your life.

We're limiting our potential candidates to Web-based, platform-independent
doc-management systems for obvious reasons. Some systems are strictly
Windows based, a limitation that likely leads to obsolescence in the short
run and limits external (customers, sales staff, etc.) access to

Xerox (, who distributed and sold Intra.doc until
recently (see the press release at , now has its own
DocuShare doc-management system, a stripped-down version of, and perhaps
based on, Intra.doc and for a fraction of the cost. Support and features
are also likely a fraction of Intra.doc's, but further research can reveal
such details.

In an in-house review of three finalists, Intra.doc won out (although
absurd, internal political games are dictating otherwise).

Our research found Documentum's six-figure price tag a bit too
sticker-shocking, and our sys. admin. hated something about the system
requirements, so we skipped that one.

So far, we've found that Intra.doc is a real serious, expandable system
(including optional e-commerce, Acrobat Forms allowing data computation,
automatic part-number assignment, workflow management, and more) that
addresses a broad range of enterprise needs. DocuShare appears to be a
nice, simple system for very little money, although the product's
immaturity and limited functions may pose a problem (you get what you pay

A few organizations address documentation-management issues and systems:

International Information Management Congress (IIMC)

DocuLabs "specializes in emerging technology solutions for all facets of
information management." They independently review products like
doc-managment systems.

Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM)
Attempts to establish and define industry standards such as ODMA, DMA, and WfMC

Document Management Terms by Optix (R) Internet Document Management System

"Document Management," an e-zine dedicated to document management

And more...


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