SUMMARY Processing large screen captures (from Unix/xv)

Subject: SUMMARY Processing large screen captures (from Unix/xv)
From: Michael Collier <mcollier -at- ARLUT -dot- UTEXAS -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 17:06:47 -0500

Thanks to all who responded. The solution basically involves using the
resampling option in programs like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop.

What I've found to work is- Open the image in Paint Shop Pro 5 (Also works
in earlier versions) then:

Increase colors to 16 million.

From the Image menu choose Resize. Insert pixel values or desired percent of
original in the appropriate fields.

From the Resize Type list box, choose "bicubic resample". Be sure Maintain
Aspect Ratio box is checked.

Decrease color depth down to 256 (or other value) and try various
combinations of the options Optimized, Error Diffusion, Include Window's
Color, Reduce Color Bleeding to get the best results.

Use the selection tool to copy & Paste Special the image into
FrameMaker--seems to yield a better image than importing directly into the
document or referencing the file.

Other suggestions included changing the display settings on the monitor
being used for capturing so the captured image is smaller; change the color
settings so that the screen displays black and white with shades of gray or
another simple color pattern that will not yield hashed pixels; reduce the
number of colors or make it greyscale if possible.

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> Subject: Processing large screen captures (from Unix/xv)
> I'd like to know how to scale down large screen captures and
> maintain a good
> resolution. Some of the screens I'm capturing take up most of the display
> area of a 17" monitor, and when captured as is won't fit on a manual page
> without resizing, which then decreases the resolution and makes them
> difficult to read online in PDF format, especially on-screen text.

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