Re: What kind of names do you make up?

Subject: Re: What kind of names do you make up?
From: Darren Barefoot <dbarefoot -at- MPS-CANADA -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 10:12:38 -0700


Creating fake names in sample databases is a major source of mischievous
glee for our department. In our current product, you'll find the names of
boyfriends, girlfriends, former high school teachers, underachieving
Vancouver Canucks and Frank Zappa's band.

Given this practice, I don't think I'd put my own name in the database or
documentation. It would feel rather strange (and perhaps a tad egocentric
i.e. I want to see my name in print) beside all these other entries.
Furthermore, my name's hardly common (D. Barefoot) and would probably be
fairly conspicuous.

Just my two cents. DB.

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From: John Posada [mailto:jposada01 -at- YAHOO -dot- COM]
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Subject: What kind of names do you make up?

Bear with me on this. :-)

I'm documenting an application that includes, as part
of the application, a Contact component.

This component functions as a telephone book/contact
management module.

I've been told not to use "real" information, so for
the purposes of this manual, we've made up a fictitous
country, address, etc. Well, we want to include a
fictitous set of contacts. (name, title, phone#, fax#,
email address, etc.)

Now...I could use the universally-know "John Smith at
123 Main St.", or I could use...something else. ;-)

The question: have you, as the writer, ever used your
own name as the contact? It sure would eliminate the
problem we all have when showing our portfolios in

"Mr. do we know that it was you that
wrote the content and that you aren't showing someone
elses work?"

Have any of you ever taken that route?

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