Re: What kind of names do you make up?

Subject: Re: What kind of names do you make up?
From: Skip Mendler <wmendler -at- CORNETLTD -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 14:02:39 -0400

I try to make fictitious information a) *clearly* fictitious and b) at least
passingly relevant to the audience, or at least enough to provoke a smile if
someone happens to be paying attention. In a recent training document for
folks who do sales calls on cardiologists, for example, I used the name "Dr.
Harvey Thrombosis"; the diabetes specialist was "Dr. Sugaree"... One
benefit of this is just in case the training stuff gets accidentally mixed
in with real data -- the fake data is glaringly obvious. (And as others
have noticed, it's fun to do!)

On the other hand, one problem I encounter in this regard is the sample data
used by our testing department; they like to create database entries with
names like like "AAAAUserType1, UserType1" so that they know what they're
dealing with and they don't have to go scrolling all over the database...
and of course, that's usually the first data I get to use for screenshots.
Not a big problem, not an insoluble problem, just a problem...

WS (Skip) Mendler, Documentation and Information Specialist
Educational Services Dept., SalesPlus - CorNet (div. of Dendrite Int'l)

PS>> And by the by, from the cousin thread to this one about file names,
IJWTS that "The Metasyntactic Variables" would be a fine name for a rock

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