Re: Framemaker and subscript

Subject: Re: Framemaker and subscript
From: Martha J Davidson <editrix -at- SLIP -dot- NET>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 11:55:54 -0700

Regarding adding special formatting to FrameMaker markers, Lauren Swerdlove
>Character style formatting is retained in a generated list of paragraphs,
>such as a TOC, but a generated index uses the text entered in the Marker
>Text dialog box; it does not pull in text directly from the document, so
>formatting applied there will not show up in the index. I don't know of any
>way to apply character formatting to text in the Marker Text dialog box, so
>you may be stuck with manual formatting after the index is generated.

It's not that hard to do if you have character styles. In the marker text,
put the name of the character style in angle brackets <> where you want to
apply it, then add <Default Para Font> at the end. Like this, assuming you
have a style called Custom Italics:

initial marker text <Custom Italics>text to italicize<Default Para Font>,
and the rest of the marker text


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