Re: Where rhetoric meets reality (routing)

Subject: Re: Where rhetoric meets reality (routing)
From: Tom Campbell <klook -at- EUDORAMAIL -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 10:41:47 -0400

In response to Eric's request for more example data sets...

According to the Industry Numbering Committee of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions:
"A block of one hundred (100) 555 line numbers will be reserved as fictitious non-working numbers for use by the entertainment and advertising industries. These specific numbers are 555-01XX, i.e., numbers between and including 555-0100 and 555-0199."
(This comes from "555 NXX Guidelines" at

These are reserved for every NPA (area code) in the North American Numbering Plan. So if you need to put a fake telephone number in your documentation (or movie script) and want to be damn sure nobody can reach a real phone with it, use, for example, 404-555-0187. Anyone dialing that number will get a "Your call cannot be completed as dialed" message.

Like Eric's suggestion of using IP addresses intended for "private internets," using these phone numbers will give you numbers that are in the correct format but won't generated unwanted calls to unsuspecting phone users.

Tom Campbell
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