Re: Graduate Degree Programs?

Subject: Re: Graduate Degree Programs?
From: Rebecca Merck <Rebecca -dot- Merck -at- ONESOFT -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 11:10:21 -0400

I'll voice in with the "I don't think it makes much difference" crowd.

Either the work allows the ability to telecommute or not. If it DOES,
perhaps the graduate degree helps you to get the job, but if it doesn't, no
number of additional diplomas change that.

I had to turn away applicants who wanted to be able to telecommute here
recently. The truth is, because of the nature of our work, we need people
available here during the day -- to participate in meetings, to work with
SMEs, to work together in teams. There are some tasks that might be
appropriate to carry home for uninterrupted work, but I can't see how being
at home with small children is any less distraction than being at one's desk
at the office.

The only other concern I had from your note is the reference to "working
both full-time jobs." I'm assuming that the second "full-time job" is
"Mom." But that would definitely concern me, as a manager. It requires a
lot of trust to have an employee where you can't gauge their level of effort
-- and a whole heck of a lot more when you KNOW they are expecting to have a
second full-time job during the same hours. The math is pretty clear -- I'd
have to set my own expectations to get half the work out of that employee,
and if I had the choice between paying someone f/t for what I would expect
to be half-time work, at a distance, or a f/t employee on site, I'd have to
pick the on-site employee.

Unless I had a LOT more latitude about budget, productivity, and timeline
than I do.

Have you considered consulting? It sure sounds like it would be a much more
ideal situation for you!


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