PDF Bookmarks and Em Dashes

Subject: PDF Bookmarks and Em Dashes
From: Crystol Wigemyr <Crystol -dot- Wigemyr -at- KENONIC -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 14:06:50 -0600


No luck searching the okstate archives or the Adobe solutions database for
an answer to this problem. Something tells me this has been discussed
before, though. (off topic: anyone find the okstate server gawd-awfully

My problem is outlined below and I welcome any help. Thanks!

Tools: Word97; PDFMaker Plugin (i.e: using Distiller to create PDFs--I've
got Acrobat Exchange v. 3.01).

Distiller/PDFMaker/Printer settings: optimized for good looking AND good
printing PDF files per a posting from Jill Ramacciotti in July of 98.

Problem: weird characters for em dashes (and certain other symbol
characters) in the PDF bookmarks, even though the characters look and print
fine in the PDF itself. Only autogenerated bookmarks have this problem; the
ones I create manually display the em dash just fine. If anyone's
interested, the em dash shows up as an uppercase S with a caret on top.

I used the Adobe Technical Solutions Document number 320407 to try to get
around this problem. I tried the Solution 2 suggetions with no luck and have
basically concluded that there really isn't a solution.

If anyone else has found a solution or come to the same conclusion as I
have, please let me know.

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