Re: Time Estimation Question

Subject: Re: Time Estimation Question
From: Keith Allingham <kallingham -at- PLAINTREE -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 14:48:15 -0500

I have to disagree with this.
I would *like* to agree (that would make my job way easier).
However, this is verification - its an integral part of the
documentation production process.
Sizing it can be iffy, I agree, but your estimate can include cya's
like "each procedure will take 1.5 hours to verify, assuming
functional s/w"
- if the s/w is not functional, you can't take the
blame for a schedule overrun
- if the s/w has changed, ditto.
Its all about CYAs and negotiation.
My 2 cents,
Keith Allingham
Plaintree Systems

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Subject: Re: Time Estimation Question
Author: Donald Le Vie <dlevie -at- VLINE -dot- NET> at internet
Date: 6/29/99 1:33 PM

I would provide an estimate on all other services BUT the one you're having
trouble with. That's more of a usability issue than an editing issue.
Different set of requirements....

Donn Le Vie
Director, Information Development
Integrated Concepts, Inc.

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> Subject: Time Estimation Question
> I have searched the archives and wasn't able to come up with a good answer
> to this question. Hopefully, some of you out there have faced a similar
> situation and can give me some advice.
> I am working on editing a set of online help documents for a software
> product. The editing is a comprehensive one, designed to:
> Fix grammar errors
> Improve the clarity
> Spell check
> Reformat long documents into managable sections
> Include screen prints of processes and buttons
> Provide consistent naming conventions
> Check that each field on the software matches the documentation
> Run each process that the software can do, and make sure that the
> software actually does it the way that the documentation says it
> does.
> The last item is the one that is stumping me. This is very complicated
> software, and running any one of the processes takes somewhere between 1
> minute and 3 hours (depending on how much previous data I have to load and
> create for testing). I have had tests take a whole day to finish, when
> the
> system was feeling buggy. They have also taken 20 seconds.
> Does anyone have a good rule of thumb as to how to estimate how long this
> sort of editing should take? I'd like to be able to present my manager
> with some guesstimation, as I'm starting to get the "gee, what are you
> DOING with your time" looks. Currently, there is no method being used to
> estimate how long it should take, so any help would be an improvement.
> How about for this sort of edit *without* the software testing?
> Letty Smith
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