Re: Pc v. Mac

Subject: Re: Pc v. Mac
From: Bill Fetzner <BFetzner -at- ETCCONNECT -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 15:59:33 -0500

How refreshing -- a forthright attempt at an answer. No accusation that I'm
a warmonger; no diss that it's a troll. Now I realize how delicate this
issue is, or at least how sensitive some people are to it, but
cross-my-heart (with my fingers that is), my question was sincere, albeit

Many thanks for those of you who understood and took it seriously -- you're
in the majority. You gave me some constructive ideas about the subject that
will help when I take it up with my co-workers and ultimately the boss. And
to those of you who misunderstood or feared the heat would overwhelm the
light, sorry you are so scarred by previous wars on this subject that you
had to issue a call to arms. I really meant no harm and wish you the best
for a speedy recovery from your war wounds. I'm done with this here, and
hope you are too.

Bill Fetzner

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> From: Ivan Huska
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> Subject: Re: Pc v. Mac
> Hi Bill,
> It's not necessarily a question of which platform is more common or
> "better".
> The real question is: If most of your technical documents are on the Mac,
> do
> you want to spend the time and resources to convert them over to PC.
> Converting older versions of Mac PageMaker, and Word docs to PC is time
> consuming. I am not sure if Frame conversions are any easier.
> Another question is: how well does your MIS group support the Macs. After
> the
> switch to PCs here, there are a few Macs left (graphic designer), but our
> in-house support is minimal.
> The whole company went from Mac to PC here and it is fine except for the
> conversions. We don't have to do them often, but when we do it does take
> extra
> time for cleanup and replacing some graphics, etc.
> Ivan
> Bill Fetzner wrote:
> > Most of our documents are prepared in Frame, Page or Word in the ratio
> of
> > about
> > 70/10/20.
> >
> > Question: Which platform is in the most common use and, consequently,
> > considered better for pure technical writing projects?
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