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Subject: Re: Pc v. Mac
From: Tim Altom <taltom -at- SIMPLYWRITTEN -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 21:42:15 -0500

Because we're a consulting and contracting firm, I'm sensitive to yet
another issue: compatibility with the world at large. We used to keep a Mac
warm in the corner, until it occurred to us that clients hadn't asked for
Mac in quite some time. If you need to outsource, can you depend on your
contractor of choice being on a Mac? Chances are that they won't be, just
statistically. How about compatibility with a printing company? With a
translation firm? What will be your font issues if you have to outsource?
Graphics issues?

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>(1) Initial cost of switching tools (hardware and software)
>(2) Training costs
>(3) Temporary decrease in productivity. Plan on it. It's going to happen.
>(4) Impact on tech support -- Do users troubleshoot problems on their own
>now? Will they be able to after the switch?
>(5) File translation and related concerns. How much time will be lost to
>translating files? Do you currently use file naming conventions that cause
>problems on the other platform? (For my last company this was a big
>consideration when they thought about switching. It wasn't just a matter of
>renaming files, but fixing cross-references and imported file paths).
>(6) User preferences and reliance on current platform's strengths (this is
>related to #3, but not necessarily the same). Do users rely on ancillary
>utilities that aren't available on the other platform? Are users so used to
>the current platform that they will perceive differences as weaknesses in
>the new platform? What about the real strengths vs. weaknesses?
>(7) The "X" factor. There will be problems that you cannot foresee. Can you
>afford to take this gamble (in terms of deliverables, reversibility of the
>decision, etc.)?

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