Re: The telecommuting myth NOT

Subject: Re: The telecommuting myth NOT
From: Joe Schrengohst <jschreng -at- CISCO -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 1999 15:36:00 -0700


I regularly "telecommute" from my home near Lake Tahoe. As far as I'm
concerned, it's not a lot different than sitting in a cubicle in Silicon Valley.
I have access to e-mail, the corpporate intranet, and the Internet as well
as telnet access to any number of systems.

From the employer's (client's) perspective, I believe that you have to be
a "known quantity" (i.e., will he/she get the work done on schedule) and
you have to have proven on every occasion that you can "work remotely"
without a lot of "maintenance" from the employer's side.

In the future I believe that more and more employers will begin to add up
the expense of providing "space" on-site (and all that goes with it) and
opt for more telecommuters. It makes a lot of economic sense.

From my perspective, why in heavens name would I want to live in the
Silicon Valley where I have to spend 2 hours (or more) per day sitting
in traffic, where I have to stand in long lines for virtually everything from
movies to restaurants to shopping, and I have to pay the great State of
California through the nose for the privilege of breathing the ever-present

At 07:03 AM 7/5/99 -0700, Ron Sering wrote:
>Well, I didn't check the archives on this subject, but since I figure there
>may not be many people working on the holiday, why not put this out there so
>those of us who are working can carp about it. After having worked for
>several clients/employers over the last few years, I am beginning to wonder
>how much telecommuting truly takes place in these wired times. I manage one
>or two days working at home per month (sometimes less), but these are
>granted only grudgingly, and have so many conditions attached to them that I
>really have more latitude to do my work when I come in to the office. So I
>have concluded that telecommuting is something that the magazines and Sunday
>supplements like to write about as a Big Trend, but that it has only
>miniscule acceptance in the Real World. Thoughts, anyone? If anyone is out
>there besides me....
>Ron Sering not Serling
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