Resurfacing from the depths of Montreal!

Subject: Resurfacing from the depths of Montreal!
From: David Hickey <DHICKEY -at- ALIS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 13:21:39 -0400


Lock up your documents and seal your envelopes 'cause I'm back on the list.
It's been a couple of months and soooooo much has happened, but in the end
"the more things change, the more they stay the same".

When we last joined our hero, he was just finishing up a online help
contract for a Montreal-based company called Fritz Starber. His next
contract landed him at Teleglobe which turned out to be an administrative
nightmare. This bad experience taught our hero to always have an iron-clad
contract that means exactly what you though it meant *before* you sign it.

During the Fritz-Teleglobe episodes, our hero fancied a change of location
to the tune of Boston Mass. He began gathering information, made a few
Bostonian contacts, got some interviews, and scooted on over with the intent
of moving to Boston. Unfortunately for our hero, the Boston project fell
through like pouring wet cement in a paper bag and there were no formal
offers although interest in our young hero was high. Undeterred, our hero
rationalizes the whole adventure away, saying that the timing wasn't right
and he'd try again for Boston's Pub-filled shores sometime in the future.
The one good thing about the Boston project was that David met Stacey
Schwingle, another technical writer who was bright, witty, charming, and
made David's stay in Boston fun and interesting. Thanks Stacey!

This, dear reader, takes us to today. David has since accepted a contract at
Alis Technologies (in Montreal) and has once again returned to the technical
writing fold known as The International Techwhirler's House of Pancakes and

Please be gentle.
Be seeing you,

John David Hickey
Technical Writer

dhickey -at- alis -dot- com
wk: 514-747-2542 ext.: 317
pg: 514-205-9209

No trees were harmed in the writing of this email.
My emails are made from elephant tusks and dolphin meat.

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