Re: GUI issues

Subject: Re: GUI issues
From: John Posada <jposada01 -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 09:12:21 -0700

Yes...I am.

I send emails containing my comments/ suggestions/
remarks to a team of developers. My main email group
is the Software Division Director, Project Manager,
and Lead Programmer, with an additional 7-8 staff
members CC'd for additional comments. I need to
distribute to so many becuase they are spread out over
4 countries and 3 time zones. To date, I've submitted
more than 50.

I keep a log of each email, and usualy get a response
back within 3-4 days. I've also made an ally in the
software department and occasionaly, he will
contribute an email appending his agreement.

About 1/2 the time, the response is implemented. The
other 1/2 either expalins why it is done this way or
why they cannot make the change. I bitch when I don't
get a suitable response/explaination and sometimes I
win, sometimes I get a "tough, that's the way it is
for this version".

Based on my submissions, changes (not all I'd like,
but a reasonable number) have been made to the GUI and
changes (not all I'd like, but a reasonable number*)
have been made to the program code.

--- "Brierley, Sean" <Brierley -at- QUODATA -dot- COM> wrote:
> Hallo:
> Are any of you software tech writers involved in
> assisting with the GUI of
> your software (beyond finding typos)?
> My previous experience was that programmers
> jealously guarded this arena and
> wanted no input. However . . .
> . . . I am finding quite a few issues at my current
> company and have made
> noise (I do that). I'm not really getting anywhere

1) Make it a "gentle" noise.
2) I never submit a comment/suggestion without:
a) explaining the problem
b) explain the impact on the user
c) suggest a modification or alternate solution.

* BTW...I define a reasonable number as "enough that
when I make this a point on my resume, it is
impressive enough to increase my worth as a contractor".
John Posada
Western Union International
(w) jposada -at- westernunion -dot- com
(p) john -at- tdandw -dot- com
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