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Subject: Re: Active Ownership
From: Peter <pnewman1 -at- HOME -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 18:51:38 -0400

Could this be the reason many users find manuals incomprehensible and
turn to third-party books?


George Grider wrote:
> Techwhirlers,
> Somewhat lengthy.
> Chris Kowalchuk's points out that the proactive SME interview mode
> advised by Andrew Plato might not apply to writers working outside an
> R&D department. According to Chris:
> "The other writers seemed perfectly happy to bang away at whatever the
> SMEs provided them, without even looking at the technology or ever
> leaving their desks. When I inquired, I found that they always worked
> this way, and made a pretty good living at it to boot. I couldn't even
> understand what it was that they were doing. I guess they were
> 'wordsmithing'."
> Chris's comments are well taken, and most useful for they call into
> The trouble comes when supervisors possessing experience only in the
> "weigh 'em don't read 'em" method of doc production believe they've
> acquired the skills to write for readers. They're the ones who expect
> that a single draft from the engineer is all it takes. If you want to
> make a point, you might try instituting a method of document beta
> testing. If the readers you would write for don't exist, there's no need
> to worry. You can always use the time sharpening your tools and building
> your corporate acumen--the very skills needed to land your next job.
> George Grider
> Technical writer
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