Re: The Telecommuting myth

Subject: Re: The Telecommuting myth
From: Hedgehog Communications <hedgecom -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 05:34:42 -0700

Caroline wrote:
> I think that that it's really easy to take
> advantage of your employer if you're not actually
> on the premises.

I think this is another one of those "it depends"
things -- on your working style and how you're most

In my personal experience, I've found the opposite to
be true: when I work at home, I get a LOT done. On a
particularly hairy project that I worked on at home, I
spent 9 hours sitting at my computer, on a daily
basis, with minimal breaks. I plowed through literally
feet-high stacks of revisions and comments fairly
efficiently and accurately. This would never happen in
the office.

My personal working style is digging in very intensely
and working for solid chunks of time. I am more
efficient this way because I learn, organize, and
write better when it?s a process that builds upon
itself. At home, this is possible, whereas in a
corporate environment it is not. In the office, there
are many distractions, both good and bad, that keep me
from staying ?in the groove.? I find it a lot harder
to get back into something once I?ve been interrupted,
and the result is that it takes me much longer to get
the same amount of work done. It?s like I?m starting
the same project over again and need to regroup where
I was, etc. This is especially true of large,
complicated, in-depth manuals, etc.

I realize I may be a bit of an anomaly, but I know I?m
much more productive, and happier, working either from
home or in a quite, somewhat isolated workspace so I
can work within my natural ?productivity zone.?

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