Thanks for replying a lot about Word

Subject: Thanks for replying a lot about Word
From: jane <judydh -at- TOTAL -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 12:18:41 -0400

So I took everyone's suggestion and did the Tools>Templates and Add-ins and
removed the Automatically Update feature. Then I checked out every one of
my templates and, mysteriously, this checkbox was already clear. Also clear
on all docs and dots was the template checkbox, just like I
had instructed it to be a few weeks ago. Even though I had cleared this
box, I was continuing to get "PDF Monitor not found. Please reinstall..."
every time I opened a Word doc. But not now. It's kinda like I said "Jimmy,
don't do this." Then Jimmy said "OK!" but kept on doing it behind my back.
And then I took a look at what Jimmy was doing, and Jimmy realized he was
getting caught in the act.

Children! They're just like Word.

At least Frame is like a box of Pot of Gold. You always know where the
nougat or brazil nut is.

> on a day when the temperature was just right and there
> wasn't much wind and my kids woke up in good moods and the truck started
> the first try and ... and ... (kinda get the feeling I think Word is a bit
> persnickity?)

jane -at- visualedge -dot- com

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