Re: 'nother roboHELP question.

Subject: Re: 'nother roboHELP question.
From: David Knopf <david -at- KNOPF -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 10:22:09 -0700

Gil Yaker asked:

| I am so sorry to keep posting roboHELP questions. In fact I think I've
| tried to subscribe to the robohelp mailing list a number of times and it
| seems their listserver isn't too well maintained.
| I promise I'll post the results of this to the list also.
| Whenever you use the robohelp-made .hlp executable, a .gid file
| is created.
| I assume this is where all of the user annotations, bookmarks, and
| preferences are created. I have found that the .gid file is only saved in
| the directory where the .hlp executable is stored.

Actually, the .GID file is mostly just a binary representation of the help
file TOC. Annotations and bookmarks are stored in separate files, not in the

| The configuration of our application is such that our applications and
| helpfiles will be stored in one central read-only directory on
| the network.
| But each user probably will have their own preferences for their
| use of the
| help file. My question then is: how do you specify the path for the .gid
| file OR do you know if it's possible to have each user create their own
| .gid file in the central directory where the .hlp file is located (note:
| we're running a novel network and that takes care of file permissions,
| etc..)?

If the user does not have write access to the directory containing the .HLP
file, the .GID will automatically be created in the user's Windows
directory. I don't know of any way you could force a different path for the
.GID file.

Watch out for .GIDs showing up in the shared network directory. It just
takes one user with write access to open the .HLP, and then you'll end with
a .GID in the network directory, which you do not want.

HTH ...

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