Re: FrameMaker : Character Format in Autonumber Format

Subject: Re: FrameMaker : Character Format in Autonumber Format
From: Andreas Berghauer <Andreas -dot- Berghauer -at- T-ONLINE -dot- DE>
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 22:36:42 +0200

Hi Alex,

Alex Vinokur schrieb:
> Hi,
> I'm using FrameMaker+SGML, xm5.1P3b.

The following is valid for FM+SGML 5.5.3 on M$Win at least.

> Consider Paragraph Designer->Numbering.
> Let Pargraph Tag be tag1:
> Autonumber Format be A:<n>.<n++> ABCD.
> Charater Format be Bold Italic.
> So, the tag1 sentence will always be Bold Italic :
> standard text (i.e., <n>.<n++> ABCD) and
> variable text (my text)
> I want (in tag1) standard text to be always Bold Italic and
> variable text to be always Regular
> Can I set these properties in Paragraph Designer?

a. Develop a charater format e.g. named "BI". In the Character Designer
(bad thing, I don't know the English name for the menu you get with
CTRL-D) for "BI" select "All Settings to Keep" (in the drop-down
Commands list), THEN set Weight to BOLD and Angle to ITALIC and UPDATE.

b. If you open the Paragraph Designer (the Ctrl-M-stuff!?) and go to the
Numeration submenu you see a little window with all character formats of
your document, like "BI". By clicking on it or entering BI in the field
above you apply "BI" to the autonumbering.

Lastly: the same is possible in the EDD if you use SGML.


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