Re: The Telecommuting Myth and ignorant remarks

Subject: Re: The Telecommuting Myth and ignorant remarks
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Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 11:04:50 +0200

Suzette Seveny wrote:

"I wonder if I'm supposed to feel inadequate in my career - I cannot and
will not even come close to offering this to another company. After years
of being part of a "team" at Xerox, and putting my marriage and family in
jeopardy by never being home, I have learned (as other have already
expressed) that I need to work to live, not live to work. After all, when
the company needed to downsize and move people around, it all came down to
business. I have a family, and my commitment is to them first and foremost -
to the exclusion of almost everything else."

I agree with Suzette`s comments. There are a few pragmatic, operational
principles I have acquired from both experiences, the wisdom of others, and
organizational development research. Please excuse my Texas way of phrasing

1. Family comes first.
2. Family is not at work.
3. No employer will ever take care of your interests better than yourself.
4. An employer`s promise to you is fiction until you see it performed.
5. Always put your ear to the ground to hear which way the buffalo are
6. Success has no address.
7. Reputation and quality of work will get you into the saddle anywhere,


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