Re: What does a window do???

Subject: Re: What does a window do???
From: Adam Korman <akorman -at- EPICOR -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 15:18:52 -0700

My vote is that either the window displays something (like information) or,
it is displayed by something else.

"The ABC window displays information about XYZ."
"When you select XYZ, the ABC window is displayed." Or, if you really must
use an active voice, "When you select XYZ, the system displays the ABC

Corroboration from the MS Manual of Style for Tech Pubs (2nd Ed), Verbs
entry (see the entry for a more complete discussion and additional

"Do not use the following transitive verbs in active constructions without
objects: complete, configure, display, install, print and process.

The screen displays information.
A dialog box appears on the screen.

A dialog box displays."

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Subject: What does a window do???


I am one who cringes when I read "The ABC Window displays."

So, folks -- what's the latest, greatest, most appropriate expression to use
in a procedure to indicate that the software is responding to the user
action and "Behold -- The window --- !" (does what???)

And, can you point me to an authoritative source for whatever your answer

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