Re: need advice from contractor (fwd) from 15 July

Subject: Re: need advice from contractor (fwd) from 15 July
From: David Neeley <dbneeley -at- YAHOO -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 17:44:55 -0400

Hi, everyone.

In addition to Mr. Ring's excellent advice, let me add
a little:

1. When someone holds up the information you need, and
all else fails, you might prepare a memo to them with
the "cc:" line copying in the project manager and/or
company management detailing the problem(or group). At
the bottom of the memo, have a section for them to
personally sign acknowledging receipt.

By committing them to writing prior to sending the
memo, they will see their liability flashing before
their eyes but won't be quite as offended as if you
bypassed them by sending up the plea around them. This
gives them a final opportunity to correct the
situation prior to your making it a "federal case"
with the company.

If they refuse to sign, you can modify the memo
appropriately to indicate they are on written notice
and still have not complied.

2. In your dealings with the company itself, you
probably will have to educate them as gently as
possible how you can add to the quality of the product
by providing a user-level view of the product.

3. Sometimes, the internal politics of an IT
organization creates barriers to doing a professional
job. It is possible that the CFO of the client company
is unaware of the problems. It may be instructive to
cue in him/her on these communications. After all,
this is the person whom the end-users answer to. This
individual will probably be concerned that the end
product will be as helpful as possible to his staff.
Otherwise, why are they spending all this money?

I hope these comments have been helpful.

Kind regards,

David Neeley
Dallas, Texas.
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