Re: Canadian French Translation

Subject: Re: Canadian French Translation
From: DHICKEY -at- ALIS -dot- COM
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 10:45:19 -0400

Greetings Robert!

> My company wants to translate some docs for our customers in
> Quebec. Would > having them translated into European French be OK
> or would localization into Canadian French be more appropriate?

According to my tech writing partner here, who is also qualified as a
translator, you should mention to the translation house that you intend to
send copies to France and Quebec. That way, the translator can translate it
once for France and then modify it slightly for Quebec (certain terms need
to be localized).

For an example of the slight diffrerence between France French and Quebec
French, let's say you have the word "representative" as in sales

In America, you could say "representative" or "rep".
In France, you would say "commercial"
In Quebec, you would have to say "representatif". If you used the France
term "commercial" in Quebec, you would be referring to a prostitute.
Be seeing you,

John David Hickey
Montreal, Quebec, Canada eh?

dhickey -at- alis -dot- com
wk: 514-747-2542 ext.: 317
pg: 514-205-9209

No trees were harmed in the writing of this email.
My emails are made from elephant tusks and dolphin meat.
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Each exists in blissful ignorance of the other.

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