Re: Contractual Obligations

Subject: Re: Contractual Obligations
From: Janice Litvin <jlitvin -at- MICROSEARCHSF -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 16:44:25 -0700

Dear Bryn
It was somewhat out of the ordinary for them to keep having you back before
the contract was to have started. I could have understood the 2 hour thing
one time.

I would have called the agent who placed you on the new job and told him or
her to work out the details of your starting that Monday, not days before
without clear understanding of the pay, etc. At this point there's not much
you can do except call the agent and let them know that this is not normal
procedure and that they need to invoice for all this "up front" time.
Since you've committed to going in Saturday for half-day, I'd go. But all
of this was the agent's responsibility and you probably should have
re-directed the client to the agent or the agent to the client. Good luck.
Janice Litvin
Micro Search
Walnut Creek

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From: Bryn Morgan <MorgeeB -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Friday, July 23, 1999 3:27 PM
Subject: Contractual Obligations

>Hi all,
>I have just recently signed a six-month contract (using a recruiting
>as a technical communications specialist that was to start full-time this
>coming Monday. The way this works is that I am considered a full-time
>employee of the recruiting agency, but am contracted out to the agency's
>clients on an as-needs basis. Before I joined the agency and signed this
>contract, I was finishing up another contract with a different client (as
>independent contractor), and needed the rest of this week to fulfill my
>obligations to them, which is why I could not start my new contract until
>When I called to let my latest client know that I was able to start this
>coming Monday, I was asked to try and make it into the office for a couple
>hours on Wednesday to become oriented with the company, the people, and the
>product with which I was to be working. I agreed, and spent 2 hours with
>on Wednesday. As I was leaving on Wednesday, I was asked to come in for a
>couple of hours on both Thursday and Friday. I ended up working an almost 8
>hour day on Thursday, but did not go in today due to a full workload with
>previous contractual obligation. I just received a phone call from my
>client and was asked to go in again for work tomorrow (Saturday).
>I have to be honest and tell you that I am quite annoyed with my latest
>client's request for so much part time work before the contract was to
>on Monday. I am new to this contracting business, and am not familiar with
>the responsibilities and/or obligations concerning my work as a consultant.
>agreed to going in tomorrow for a half-day, but am not happy about it at
>I feel as if I might lose this contract, or even my full-time position with
>the recruiting agency, if I were to have declined. Can I say no to this
>client? Can I be reprimanded for not going in part-time before my contract
>to actually start? Can they withhold pay? What about my obligations to the
>recruiting agency? What are my future obligations to this client? Will I
>to work anytime they ask me to work? How would you all handle this?
>Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
>Bryn Morgan
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