Re: Do you reformat your paper doc for PDF?

Subject: Re: Do you reformat your paper doc for PDF?
From: Susana Rosende <SRosende -at- THEFUND -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 12:09:03 -0400

My company is also opting to make our pdf files available from our FTP site,
and considering dropping HAT-created online help for an online manual, so
your information is extremely important to ME!

As I am know only basic HTML, I'd like to know how you load a PDF file to
the Internet and/or Intranet. Please respond to me offline if you're
concerned about overwhelming others with PDF talk. Frankly, I'm learning
from all of you, so I DON'T mind!

Susana Rosende
Senior Tech Writer
Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund
Orlando, FL
SRosende -at- thefund -dot- com

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Subject: OT: Do you reformat your paper doc for PDF?

My company is planning to make all documentation (help and paper) available
from our FTP site. Since I already provide my printer with PDFs, I thought,
"Great! I'm done."

Then I hear that they are toying with the idea of *only* providing
documentation as HLP and/or PDF. So, being the information designer that I
am, I have concern for the usability of PDF documents that were expressly
laid out for paper production.

But before I give myself more work than my schedule can hold, I thought I'd
ask the general population how they're doing it. For instance:

1) Re-numbering pages. Does anyone bother to renumber the Word doc before
distilling so that the PDF pages (pg 1 being the cover) match the distilled
page numbers? Currently my paper doc has Contents as pg i and Chapter 1 as
pg 1 so that "See page x" references wouldn't match the PDF page numbers.

2) Changing footers. Currently my paper uses left & right mirrored headers
and footers, but PDFs are usually viewed in single page format. Do you make
a change for PDF?

3) Changing paper size. I personally think it is a pain to read an 8.5 x 11
page on-screen. Does anyone bother redesigning paper size for PDF?

4) Adding PDF Bookmarks and Links.
a) If the purpose is to deliver an extra copy of the book, do you add these
b) If the purpose is to deliver sole documentation, do you always add these

Thanks for any opinions, input. You can reply off-list so as not to muddy
this list with PDF-talk. (As if we worry about OT topics this summer <grin>)
I'd be happy to summarize for anyone who's interested.

Lori Feiler, Senior Technical Writer
Science Dynamics Corporation
lfeiler -at- scidyn -dot- com

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