Fw: What's that smell? (aka A project gone bad)

Subject: Fw: What's that smell? (aka A project gone bad)
From: "Peter Baston" <pebas -at- aquilagroup -dot- com>
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Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 08:29:07 -0600

Subject: Re: What's that smell? (aka A project gone bad)
> I look at these sort of situations this way:
> . In life for every negative action you commit - you have to take two
> positive actions to get where you where going in other words double the
> effort.
> Writers like yourself have the inate ability to trasfer a thought or
> or feeling from inspiration to documentaion and again out to the user to
> inspire the same inspiration.
> Sort of Spielberg magic.
> Until you see the gleam of understanding in the clients eyes, you have not
> finished your story or task and like any good storyteller untill that
> happens you will always think of the one you did not do.
> I would recomend to all writers and anyone involved in communication is a
> real quick study on Myers Briggs Phychological Profiles. Put simply to an
> introvert, extrovert comunication does not work. Likewise intuituative to
> non intuative. Most technical engineers, designers etc are firmly in the
> intuative, introvert camp wheras most users are in the oposite one.
> If you think that your task is a rough one read " The Inmates are running
> the Asylum " by Tom Cooper. That's the communication challenge that we all
> face.
> To close, the mear fact that you posted this message on the website shows
> that you are a writer who cares and takes real pride in his work, thats
> this situation bugs you.
> If nothing else respond with your ideas on how you think it should have
> gone, not a tit for tat but an honest evaluation, Maybe go on good
> first and get rid of most of the frustration that you feel, sometimes a
> hangover clears out the braingarbagecan and makes it easier to take a new
> view.
> Hope that helps.
> Keep up the faith.
> Peter Baston
> Aquila Technologies
> 8401 Washington Pl. NE.
> Albuquerque NM 87113
> Pebas -at- aquilagroup -dot- com
> Web: http://www.aquilagroup.com

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