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Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 13:19:56 -0500

These two guys walk into a bar on Rigel IV. One is Captain James T. Kirk;
the other is Dr. Leonard McCoy. They walk up to the bar and each order a
libation of their choice.

No sooner have the drinks arrived than in staggers what appears to be a
large horse. This large horse-like creature staggers around the bar,
crashing into tables, chairs, a bumper-pool table, a foosball machine, and
any number of unworldly patrons before collapsing on the floor in front of
our heroes.

Wasting no time, Dr. McCoy drops to the animal's side and begins to perform
a thorough examination. He even gets out his medical tricorder. All of
this is accomplished with the appropriate raising of eyebrows and frowning.

While McCoy is performing his examination, Kirk notices a small man dressed
just as a jockey would have dressed back in 20th century North America, near
Jim's beloved Iowa. This small man is working his way through the crowd
that has formed to watch the Doctor laboring over the horse creature.

Suddenly, McCoy stands up and returns to his drink saying, "He's dead, Jim."

Instantly, Kirk springs into action. He vaults onto the bartop then leaps
over the slowly dispersing crowd onto the small man who is still trying to
make his way through the crowd. Kirk and the man fall to the floor as the
straggling crowd parts and turns to watch this new entertainment. The fight
is over in a flash with, of course, Captain Kirk triumphant.

The Captain has taken something from the small man. Upon examination, Kirk
is holding a riding crop in his hand. McCoy rushes over to see if his
friend is all right. Kirk waves him away saying, "Once you told me the
horse was dead, I knew I had to stop his rider."

"Why, Jim?" McCoy asks in an irritated tone of voice.

"Well," Kirk answers, "There's no sense beating a dead horse, is there?"
As one who has been a notorious contributor to this thread, I'm wondering if
anyone else thinks we have beat the "Two Track Documentation" thread to


Tom Murrell

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