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Subject: Re: Soliciting writing appliance recommendations
From: "Chuck Martin" <cmartin -at- serena -dot- com>
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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 13:52:36 -0800

"Mark Dempsey" <mxd2 -at- osi -dot- com> wrote in message news:33191 -at- techwr-l -dot- -dot- -dot-
> I'd like to write in bed, using a keyboard on some kind of electronic
> note taker. I don't want to spend $1,000's on a laptop (I have a very
> nice desktop, thanks), and don't need fancy software to do the
> writing--Wordpad or even Notepad would do. I suppose I could find a used
> laptop that's got an old, character-based interface, but would prefer
> something simpler still.

> Is there such a thing as a "palm-top" with a large enough keyboard to
> type on comfortably? It wouldn't even have to have a hard drive--just
> enough flash memory to hold a couple of hundred pages, and a USB or
> other connection to download it to my desktop. It'd also be nice if it
> had a 25-line by 80-column screen, and ran on AA batteries.
> Does such a thing exist? How much is it, and where would I find it?

There's a "toy" that I've been drooling over for some time that would not
only fit you blll, but would be compatible with your other equipment. The
only drawback: price. It's the Sony Vaio Picturebook, model number PCG-C1X.

It's NOT a WindowsCE machine. It's a full-fledged Windows 98 computer in a
miniature package, with a keyboard that's decent enough to type on. It
sports a 266MHz processor with 64MB of memory and an internal 4GB hard
drive. (The floppy and CD are external and the CD is extra though.) The
screen is 8.9" diagonal with a resolution of 1024 x 480. It's about 1.5"
thick and just 2.5 lb. It used a lithium-ion battery that is rated for about
3 hours of use. Total dimensions are 1.45" x 5.51" x 9.45".

But the list price is $1799.

There's one thing that keeps this from being the perfect companion to my
desktop and 15" notebook: an internal CD drive. If they could figure out a
way to give it a CD slot like in a car stereo, even if the size and weight
bulk up a bit, I think this would be the perfect small portable machine.

In the top of the lid, there's a small swivel camera that you can use to
take still pictures or short videos. It adds to the "cool" factor of this

If you do a search for Picturebook on some sites, you'll also get a link to
a store that sells a more powerful model, one that is only sold at retail in
Japan. This particular company will ship it overseas though, but it's
significantly more expensive.

Because it's not a CE machine, there are no issues of docuemnt conversion if
you want to move them back and forth beteen this and your desktop.

Chuck Martin
Sr. Technical Writer, Serena Software

Facts are irrefutable, opinions are mine. Is there a difference? You tell
me... :)

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