Re: Review Copy

Subject: Re: Review Copy
From: Peter Gold <peter -at- highsoft -dot- com>
To: Linda Nunes <lnunes -at- foglight -dot- com>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 13:46:00 -0800


* HighSoft is a FrameMaker VAR.

* This is intended to be an explanation or description, not a plug for a product or excuse for behavior.

There are some things in both Word and FrameMaker that don't have exact counterparts in the other, so conversions in either one direction or the other don't always give expected or required results.

In the French and English languages, one example is the French say the equivalent of "I have hunger," for the English "I am hungry."

So, if you expect to do these exchanges on a regular basis, often called a "round trip," consider investing in templates on both sides that will be as compatible as possible. Usually this means NO special features unique to only one side, ONLY features supported on both sides.

FrameMaker's ability to import templates without losing content can be used to advantage here. After opening/converting the MS word version in a plain FM document, import the properly-designed customized templateto restore the unique FM formatting. As I said, it may require some investment of time and energy, but will repay each time it's used.

At 10:23 AM 1/20/00 -0800, Linda Nunes wrote:

You have found my biggest complaint about Frame. While the user guide states
you can export to Word by using the Save As feature (this starts a Word export
filter), the results are pathetic.

I've provided developers with soft copy for review for years and it's been a
very good process for review. If your worry is that your engineers will send
out their own doc just because they have a soft copy - you have an
organization/management problem, not a software problem. That's quickly solved
by defining what is and what isn't a deliverable and who provides the

If anyone knows of a good export filter that moves Frame files into Word, I'd
love to hear about it.


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