HUMOR: Team playing - Bubba Style

Subject: HUMOR: Team playing - Bubba Style
From: "Guy A. McDonald" <guy -at- nstci -dot- com>
To: "TECHWR-L" <techwr-l -at- lists -dot- raycomm -dot- com>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 07:05:37 -0600

While the folks at Let's Find Another Sucker Inc. think they understand
organizational team concepts, we here at Billy-Bob's Homestyle Writing
Corporation take the cake and turn it into Momma's pecan pie.

After arriving, our Big Fat Bubba-Fried Management Team (BFBFMT) will wine
and dine you at either a buffet, barbeque, or fried chicken joint before
whisking you away in our company's one-ton dually. Your destination will be
the presidential suite of a national motel motel chain where they always
keep the light on.

First impressions cut both ways in an interview, and we here at Billy-Bob's
Homestyle Writing Corporation understand the necessity for making a splash
with you! We spare no expense to roll out the red carpet because in your
suite you will find:

* two bus tokens located under a pillow for the next day's luxury ride into
our office
* one bottle of Budweiser on ice next the bed to help you sleep
* an assortment of fine liquor in collectable bottles, compliments of Stump
Jumper Airlines
* a roll of quarters for the vibrating bed, gourmet snack machines down the
hall and Pac Man video game located in the lobby
* a continental breakfast, consisting of an RC Cola and a moon pie
* a complimentary National Enquirer, waiting for you at your room's door,
for your bathroom reading enjoyment

The next day, when you await your interview, be sure to notice we spare no
expense by placing two stir sticks in your in-room complimentary breakfast
coffee kiosk, which brother Buford built especially for you. At our office,
you will be impressed with our staff, who are post-operative LoboHelp
experts that possess finely tuned skills in the excellent art of gossip.
Bambi and Barbie, two bouffant big-haired gals, teck knuckle writers who
were formerly World Wrestling Federation poster girls, will teach you how to
smile pleasantly while stabbing a cow-orker in the back.

Not only do you get interviews at our company, you also receive management
training, once you have been accepted as a member of the BFBFMT. Little
Billy Bob will teach you how to command attention at a meeting by taking
that Skoal out of your back pocket, sticking it between your cheek and gum,
and spitting in your coffee cup at the most appropriate time. Middle Billy
Bob will teach you the fine art of conversation at the smoking area. Then
Big Billy Bob will teach you how to drive your oversized pickup truck into
two parking spaces while expounding on the BFBFMT approach to bumper sticker

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