Re: Working for a liar

Subject: Re: Working for a liar
From: Jo Baer <jbaer -at- mailbox1 -dot- tcfbank -dot- com>
To: Sandy Harris <sharris -at- dkl -dot- com>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 09:48:57 -0600

This is what I meant by saying "take all of the documentation
suggestions given." A number of people had already suggested emails,
memos, and other types of documentation. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I
would document everything six ways from Sunday, including, but not
limited to, a personal notebook.

I wrote:
> > In the meantime,
> > take all of the documentation suggestions given. Being able to produce
> > even a personal notebook recording date, time, subject matter, boss
> > said/I said, etc. will give you a certain credibility.

Sandy Harris wrote: <snip>
> I'd do that differently. It is one thing for you to produce your notes.
> The boss can lie about that, including calling you a liar, or claiming
> you've misunderstood or ...
> It's quite another thing to print the email. Yes, I know email can be
> forged, but it still looks more solid than your own notes.
> I'd send a lot of email along the lines of:
> I'd also copy lots of people.

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